Retinopathy of prematurity is a blinding eye disease that affects premature babies due to abnormal development of retinal blood vessels, which results in scarring of the retina leading to retinal detachment and vision loss. This disorder usually develops in both eyes in children and leads to lifelong blindness.Retinopathy

ROP can be mild with no visual loss or it may be severe causing permanent blindness. All babies born at less than 35 weeks of pregnancy, having very low birth weight or having problems like infection, breathing etc. should undergo ROP screening.

Causes of ROP

  • Very low birth weight
  • Less gestational period
  • Uses of artificial oxygen after birth
  • Breathing problem
  • Infection problem
  • Vitamin E deficiency

Types of ROP Stages:

  • Stage 1- Mild abnormal development of blood vessel
  • Stage 2- Moderately abnormal development of blood vessel.
  • Stage 3- Severe abnormal development of blood vessel.
  • Stage 4- Partially detached retina.
  • Stage 5- Complete detached retina.


  • Laser therapy or cryotherapy
  • Eye-glasses
  • Eye drops
  • Eye Surgery


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