Septoplasty is a surgery for correction of problems in the nasal septum. The Nasal Septum, which is the wall inside the nose that separates or divides the two nostrils, is composed of bone and cartilage.septoplasty 1

Ideally, it should be in the center, however, in some cases it deviates from the designated space into one of the cavities thereby narrowing it and obstructing the normal airflow.

A deviated Septum is the most common Septum defect, and surgery is the only way to fix it. It may be combined with cosmetic surgery such as Rhinoplasty for correction or deformity of the external nose if any.


The patient needs to be given general or local anesthesia. Through the nostrils an incision is made in the lining of the Septum to remove the cartilage or bone which is causing the blockage.

During surgery, badly deviated portions of the Septum may be removed entirely, or they may be readjusted and reinserted into the nose. After removal of cartilage or bone the mucus membrane is placed back on its position.

Nasal packing is inserted to prevent excessive post operative bleeding. The Septum may be held in place with splints or small plastic tubes and there may be few internal stitches. Septoplasty does not involve any external cuts or stitches.

Most surgeries take about one to one and half hour however complicated or multiple procedures may take longer.

Septoplasty may also be combined with sinus surgery.

Post Surgery Care & Rehabilitation

  • Elevating head at night to avoid the swelling.
  • Avoid pulling clothing over the head.
  • Not to blow nose.

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