Glaucoma is one of the conditions that causes damage the eye’s optic nerve. The most important factor associated with glaucoma is eye pressure (intra ocular pressure) which leads to progressive loss of vision later on complete blindness. It may affect both of the eyes. Vision can’t be regained if it is loss due to glaucoma. It is important to diagnose this disease as early as possible because glaucoma has few or no early symptoms.

Glaucoma diagram big

Types of Glaucoma

  • Open-angle glaucoma
  • Closed angle glaucoma

The angle refers the space between the iris and cornea that manage the outflow of the aqueous that is being produced in the eyes.

Open angle glaucoma: it is common type of glaucoma. It occurs when the drainage angle is less efficient to outflow of the aqueous from the eye. It results slowly loss of vision.

Closed angle glaucoma: it is less common type. It occur when there is blockage of fluid outflow from the eye which results vomiting, severe pain, blurred vision and nausea. This requires immediate treatment or leads to blindness.


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