Embryo Freezing

IVF may result in many extra embryos, these embryos can be cryopreserved and thawed for later use. The technology of freezing is called as vitrification and has dramatically improved the chances of attaining pregnancy from 1 cycle of IVF.IVF could be revolutionised by new technique, says clinic


A surrogate can carry another couples baby in her uterus till delivery and then gives it to the biological parents. It is a very useful way of having a child for those who cannot carry their child due to some anatomical problems like absent uterus or medical problems like heart disease.

Pre-Implantation genetic screening

Genetic testing on pre-implantation embryos may be indicated for patients who are at risk for genetic disorders such as Cystic fibrosis and Thalassemia and for patients with infertility related to chromosomal abnormalities such as recurrent pregnancy loss or repeated unsuccessful IVF.

Semen Freezing:

Semen freezing is a process to preserve sperms for future use. The frozen sperms retain their capacity to fertilise eggs and are excellent to create a backup if required. Semen freezing is useful in following conditions:

  • Have a medical condition or undergoing treatment that may affect the sperm count.
  • Prior to a vasectomy
  • Low sperm count or the when the quality of sperm is deteriorating.
  • Difficulty producing a sample on the day of fertility treatment.
  • Possibility of not being present on the day of fertility treatment.

Egg Freezing

A very significant advancement in cryopreservation has been the ability to successfully freeze eggs. Women have a finite number of eggs and therefore the ability to conceive lasts only till her eggs are available. The eggs can now be frozen and used by the woman whenever she is ready to become pregnant.

The candidates of egg freezing are :

  • Women diagnosed with cancer , who may need chemotherapy/radiotherapy, which is toxic for oocytes.
  • Women who do not have a partner or who do not wish to have children presently can freeze their eggs.
  • As part of ART treatment.

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