Breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty is a procedure to reduce large sized breasts by removing excess tissue, fat and skin and reshape the breast. Alleviate the discomfort with large breast size.

Breast Reduction is suitable for:

  • Large, heavy breasts which cause back and neck pain, skin irritation, and posture problems.
  • Limitations that large, heavy breasts place on participation in sports or other activities.
  • Large breasts, especially when they are out of proportion to height and weight, can be embarrassing.
  • Conditions such as indentations in shoulders from tight bra straps
  • Heavy pendulous breasts with nipples & areolas pointed downwards.


Three incisions are made around the areola. The excess fat, tissue and skin are removed. It also involves repositioning the nipple and reducing the size of the areola, lifting and reshaping the breast, for extremely large pendulous breasts. The nipple and areola may need to be removed and transplanted to a higher position on the breast. After removal of tissue and fat has been completed the incision is closed with stitches.


Sometimes liposuction is used if most of the breast is fatty tissue and excess skin is not a problem.

The whole process takes around 3 to 5 hours.


  • Gives relief from chronic back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain
  • Relief from rashes which may result from excessive sweating or infection
  • Grooves from bra straps reduce considerably
  • Solves chronic nerve problems such as numbness or tingling in hands or arms
  • Avoids unwelcome attention

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