Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder replacement is a surgical procedure in which glen-humeral joint is replaced by an artificial joint Shoulder Shoulder consists of 3 bones: Upper arm bone (humerus), Shoulder blade (scapula) and Collar Bone (clavicle). It is a ball-and-socket joint also known […]

Total Hip Replacement – THR

The Hip-joint is the body’s largest joint. The head of femur (ball) of hip joint moves within cup shaped socket (acetabulum), they together make the hip joint also called as ball-and-socket joint. The femoral head and acetabulum are covered by […]

Total Knee Replacement – TKR

Knee is the most important joint in our body as it helps in day-to-day activities. Knee Joints consist of Femur (thigh bone) at the lower end, Tibia (shin bone) at the upper end and a Patella (knee cap). The Knee- [...]

Elbow Surgery

Elbow Replacement is surgery to replace the bones of the elbow joint with artificial joint parts (prosthetics). This surgery may also be termed as “Total elbow arthroplasty”, “Endoprosthetic elbow replacement”. This surgery is done when the elbow joint is badly […]

Arthroscopy Knee Surgery

Arthroscopy is the process in which joints is viewed by small camera. It gives the clear internal view of the joint. Arthroscopic procedure is used to treat many orthopedic conditions like meniscus, articular cartilage, trimming damaged cartilage. This surgery is […]