I lack words to express my gratitude, Keep up the good work, Thanks for being there whenever we needed help. Bravo and three cheers to the team . May I assure you that if need be & God permits I will come to you again and again.
Clement Obiora OkekeSpine Tumour
I’m Mrs. Comfort Brown a Nigerian was operated for Total Hip Replacement. Honestly the operation was successful and perfect – as you can’t make out that I have been operated upon when walking. I want to use this opportunity to express my hearty gratitude to Deepam.
Comfort BrownHip Replacement
Thank you very much for your help. I really felt as if I was with my family here. Hope to see you again . Wish you all the success.
Zaid al Hasaniorthopaedic
We want to thank Deepam, Doctors and everyone for the wonderful support. It was not an easy journey with initial failed attempts. But we are very happy that after repeated attempts we finally got success. Thank you once again
Sevara & DavronIVF - Infertility
Thanks to Deepam Meditours for good organisation of our stay in hospital ,treatment and support. Hope Deepam will help get treatment to all their patients by providing them good hospitals , good doctors and qualified medical services. My daughter has been given a new life and I shall always be indebted for that.
Khadicha BoytemirovaAge 14 years Aortic Valve Replacement

I Maksuda came to Delhi from Uzbekistan, from city Tashkent with my son Umid and his wife Shakhzoda. They had a very big problem, they did not have any child. Here we met Amita. She is very nice and took care of us right from the time we arrived at airport - arranging taxis for us and good hotel.

I am very happy with the work Amita is doing and wish her company Deepam to treat as many people as possible from all over the world. She has done so much for us that I & my family will remember her always and pray to God for her good health and good work.

Shakhzoda & UmidInfertility

I am and my family are very happy that I have been treated and fully recovered by the support of Mrs. Amita, Dr. Vineet Malhotra and other employees of hospital. Me and my family are very thankful to God and all Indian people who helped us like their own.

I wish you all very huge success at helping people to get treatment.

"Deepam Meditours" took really good care of us, now I am sure that I have friends in India also. I hope that we will meet with you again in my country or in India.

Sidiq SabirovAge 56 years Prostrate Cancer
We came to India, because my mom, Miyasar Yusupova had a bone Metastasis, so we came here for a PET Scan and treatment and this was our first ever visit to India. This trip has totally changed our opinion about India, we loved almost everything, people, hospital service and etc. The facilities are very good, staff is just awesome, and Amita was really friendly and took care of everything , the doctors, appointments, cabs and so on. So everything was just great. We will definitely come to again, and I would love to recommend it to other people. Thanks a lot for everything and all the best wishes. Komiljon on behalf of his mother.
Miyasar YusupovaAge 53 years Bone Metastasis

We are very happy. From the very first day till the last day we never felt alone and never had any problem in this period. You introduced us to very good doctors. All the nurses were very good and looked after us very nicely. We were glad to see your family. Thank you and all members of your company.

You always cared about our health during our stay in delhi. Our treatment was very good and we are very satisfied and happy. We are thankful for everything. We will never forget your priceless help. Thanks again for everything.

Sharibonu & AzamAge 24 & 34 Infertility
I came to Delhi (India) for treatment and I wish to say thanks to every person who was with me and helped me specially Amita.
Zhumabek MakhanovAge 50 years Prostrate Tumour
India is a good country and the doctors here are all very experienced. Amita is a good lady and she has helped me a lot. Here hospitals are very neat and clean and comfortable. Thanks very much to Amita and hospital staff for looking after me like family specially because I came here all alone.
GulzoraAge 43 Cancer of the Cervix
I Nasiba came to India with my husband in January 2013. I liked India very much. Ms. Amita helped me a lot and I am very thankful to her. She is like my elder sister and I wish that her work grows more. I wish Amita to smile always and bring happiness to other people too.
Nasiba & BayrambayAge 24 & 26 Infertility
My name is Diyora. I came to India with my ill Grand mom. She had operation for tongue Cancer. But now she is feeling very well and we are so happy. I am so grateful to all Doctors and nurses. Big Thanks to Amita she is glorious. My grandmother and me we will pray for them all our life! We love them!! We will wait them in our country!! Diyora on behalf of her grandmother Ikhtiborkhon Umarova
Ikhtiborkhon UmarovaAge 69 years Tongue Cancer