Cryptorchidism – A Child’s Story

Each time I sit down to write my mind goes searching for the most heart touching story. As it races back and forth, I realise each story is unique and worth sharing. Children are God’s gift and we are troubled most when they are ill at ease. The parents of a little boy all of 23 months were faced with a huge problem which would affect his future life.


The testicles were not present – meaning the scrotum was empty. A little sigh of relief came upon initial investigation – an ultrasound which confirmed the presence of the undescended testicles in the abdomen. Typically this was a case of Cryptorchidism. Detailed investigations confirmed Laparoscopic Orchidectomy was the best option to make the testicles descend in the designated place – The scrotum.Laparoscopic Orchidectomy

All went well and the child went back happy with his parents to his home country Uzbekistan. During the following three years a regular check up and follow up was maintained by us. Three years had elapsed and all was fine till the last ultrasound a few weeks ago rang the alarm bells again – the testicles had risen up again out of the scrotum. This was indeed worrisome and unusual. However we decided to call them to India once again and repeat all investigations to see what needed to be done. Much to our dismay and contrary to our expectations, the testicles had indeed broken the previous baby sutures and ascended again. The good news was that it was still treatable. This time to a Laparoscopic procedure was agreed upon.

But the parent’s ordeal did not seem to end – while operating the doctor discovered that one of the testicles was completely finished due to blood supply being cut off to it after it “escaped” from the designated space. It had to be removed as soon as possible and the decision had to be taken with parental consent. The news struck the parents like a bolt from the blue adding to their woes. It did not leave them with any choice since the risk of it becoming necrotic loomed large and removal was imminent. Acceptance took a while, as the mother wept away the new found sorrow eventually coming to terms with it.

Smiling faces all around, words of encouragement and rock solid support of doctors helped them regain their composure. The recovery of the child played a greater role; he was soon seen smiling, laughing, walking with the help of the nurses and playing games on the phone, less than 24 hours after surgery.

A day of extended stay at the hospital on our request (which the hospital authorities humbly agreed) built more confidence. Finally discharged after a 3 day hospital stay, spending 4 more days at the guest house interspersed with short visits of sightseeing to keep the children engaged, I was happy to see them fly off to their home country with happy and smiling faces, many memories filled with the naughty and playful chatter of the two kids.

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