Why Deepam Meditours ?


We at Deepam endeavour to give you an experience free from all complications and stress related with Medical Travel. Deepam strives to be a premier provider of easy and immediate access to some of the world’s highly renowned doctor’s, physicians and healthcare facilities including clinics and hospitals that are internationally accredited and certified.Our team of dedicated professionals provide personal assistance throughout the entire experience, guiding at every step through choices and decision making. The attention and care right from initial enquiry to post procedure follow up is unmatched and unparalled. We work tirelessly to meet your needs handholding you and very often combine it with the physical presence to give you that extra level of comfort in a foreign land.

By centering all our efforts on India – we strive to offer you the best resources and information on medical providers in the country in order to help you make safe, effective and affordable choices regarding your healthcare. With a number of world renowned medical facilities affiliated we can offer you the finest and most affordable treatments to help you on the way to speedy recovery. Our aim is to make it hassle free for people globally to travel to India for their Medical Treatment.